It is our mission to make high-quality recording in an acoustically treated, professional studio affordable for everyone! As such we charge “block rates” for longer recording sessions so that you can develop and explore your ideas in the studio without having to watch the clock!
Our block rates for tracking are as follows:

$300 for 6 hours
$400 for 9 hours
$500 for 12 hours

We also offer an hourly rate of $65/hr for those who want shorter sessions, or simply prefer to pay by the hour!

YES! These rates DO include “the engineer”. 99% of the time, both Chris and Eva will work on the recording sessions together.


For those who like to observe and be a part of the mixing and mastering sessions, we offer attended, in-studio mixing and mastering at the same rates as tracking!

We can also mix remotely, in which case we do FLAT RATE mixing, with up to three revisions. This means that, although you will not be able to sit in the room with us while we mix, you also will not have to count the hours while we work! For this we typically charge $165 per song, unless there is something particularly daunting about the session itself (if you have 107 tracks in your session, we may ask for a little more, since, intuitively, it will take more time and effort than average.

Similarly, we do remote mastering at $50 per song.

If you do everything (recording, mixing and mastering) with us, we have a special remote flat-rate: We will mix and master for $200 per song (still, with up to three revisions) for anyone who has also recorded the material with us.


We pride ourselves on our ability to offer our unique “half-price” sessions. These special sessions usually come in the form of a 6 hour recording block for $125 and are only offered on specific dates and times, usually 1 week to 1 month in advance of the date. We try to offer as many of these a month as we can. To find out about when these dates occur, your best bet is to watch our Facebook Page or follow Eva on Instagram!

Good luck and god speed!

All sessions and projects are confirmed after we receive a 50% deposit.

Chris and Eva are both available as session musicians for an extra $100 per day, per person. Between the two of them they play Guitar, Drums, Electric Bass, Upright Bass, Piano/Keyboards, Trombone, Trumpet and a host of assorted string instruments.