Wonderpark Sessions Ep. 2: Ewe Dew- "Bust of Pookie"

On this day we are very happy to present EPISODE TWO of Wonderpark's very own video series with our very own resident post-punk, riff-driven, lyric-vomiting brothers in arms Ewe Dew. We've had the pleasure of making all of Ewe Dew's albums (so far) but today we're here to celebrate their most recent LP- Birds Alight. It's terrifying! As always- Engineered by Chris Krasnow and Eva Lawitts, Mixed and Mastered by Chris Krasnow and filmed by Alex Joseph!

Ewe Dew consists of:
Christian Brion- Guitar/Vocals
Steve Conroy- Bass
Max Yassky- Drums

Check out Birds Alight here: